September 24 - 27, 2018 | USA

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SSOW Autumn Agenda

Learn more about what you can expect at Shared Services Outsourcing Week Autumn and get a closer look at the focus topics of Planning & Launching, Finance Transformation, Global Business Services, and Global Process Ownership.

The agenda includes topics on:

- Specialized tracks focusing on four different Shared Service events

- A great speaker lineup including companies such as Yahoo, Uber, Gap, and more

- View the full agenda for more information...

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Here's what to expect at SSOW Autumn!

Introducing SSON’s Inaugural Event Bringing Finance, GPO, GBS, and Planning & Launching Professionals Together!


2017 Shared Services Package

In this exclusive package of speaker presentations includes experts who have spoken about Planning & Launching, Finance Transformation, Global Process Ownership & Global Business Services. It includes:

  • Implementing global HR Shared Services at Western Digital in a Change Management “Perfect Storm”
  • How to coordinate a transformation cross-functionally to become one finance organization
  • Uniting GPO Objectives and Streamlining Improvement Initiatives
  • Helping Levi Strauss & Co. get to great again


Evolution of Global Business Services (GBS) 2017: The Story

SSON Analytics has identified 184 shared services organisations (SSOs) that have embarked on their Global Business Services (GBS) journey.

Play with the data in this interactive report to answer core questions such as:

  • What type of enterprises are choosing to adopt a GBS model? 
  • What does the rate of growth of GBS look like?
  • What functions are usually included in a GBS model?
  • Do SSOs usually include Global Process Owners (GPOs) in their GBS?
  • How important is standardizing systems when implementing GBS?
  • What is the maturity of SSOs that have a GBS model?
  • How does attrition rate vary across SSOs with different GBS maturity? 

Top Featured

GPO Success Tips with Oracle: for the modern digital finance organization

We spoke with Loren Mahon, Vice President, Finance Systems, CEO Office at Oracle. She discussed:

  • What she believes should be the Global Process Owners Role in an agile finance team
  • What it would take to have GPO success in the modern digital finance organization
  • Changes that Oracle has made which helped develop innovative growth strategies
  • And a dynamic new operating model that can support digital business models and new ways of workin

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Shared Services and Outsourcing Week - Sponsorship Prospectus

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What Finance Pioneers Are Doing

As always, there are the pioneers amongst us who are blazing a path into the future. We have reviewed some of the most impressive examples to date, to identify how and where these pioneers are making a difference. Here are seven areas that offer real opportunities for change – and 5 leaders who are not afraid to break the mold.

Advancing Your Shared Services with Robotic Process Automation

Organizations continuously strive to achieve greater efficiencies and more streamlined operations as a matter of course, particularly with Shared Services. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest proposition to promise a quantum advance for Shared Services. Download the content to learn more about RPA and it's benefits to your organization!

Courtesy of Chazey Partners

5 Issues in Finance Transformation

Check out this article detailing the top five issues surrounding Finance Transformation and learn how to gain further insight on the topic.

Launching Shared Services Late

Vale, formerly known as Companhia Vale do Rio Doce or CVRD, was a state-owned business until 1998, when it was privatized. Shortly after privatization, in 2001, there was a change in the control group, which led to a much stronger focus on growth, rather than on dividend generation. This new strategic direction made it possible for Vale to increase its market capitalization from USD 8 billion in 2001 to more than USD 160 billion by the end of 2010.

The Rundown on SSOW Autumn

This is your guide to everything Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Autumn! Take a closer look at the individual tracks, the benefits of our sessions, and what's new at the event.

Six lessons for launching a SSC

‘Having the opportunity to meet other colleagues during Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) conferences, many organizations copy and/or mirror ONE existing SSO model with all the associated “child sicknesses”. Analyzing this model – and reading these articles, I am not surprised many companies are struggling in the first years after implementation. We experienced many of these problems in the first few years at our SSC – but I would like to share some other thoughts with you on some of the problems which were outlined. Shared by Peter Andrisin, General Manager at KONE SSC in Bratislava, Slovakia.

10 Mistakes Made When Implementing Shared Services

SSON reached out to some of the biggest names in shared services and outsourcing to get their take on the most common - and potentially most devastating - mistakes companies make when setting up shared service organizations. The result: the Top Ten Mistakes Made When Implementing Shared Services.

3 Reasons to Attend

Here are 3 Reasons to attend SSOW Autumn.

10 MORE Mistakes When Starting SSCs

When SSON published “Top Ten Mistakes Made When Implementing Shared Services” advice from experts across the shared services and outsourcing space on the most common errors organizations make when creating a shared services organization, the response was so popular that we decided to return to the issue. After all, the litany of potential errors doesn’t stop at ten! So here are Ten MORE Common Mistakes… Recognize any? Let’s hope not…


3 Steps For P2P GPO Success

Anyone acting as a GPO, moving into the role or working on a broader project it needs to audit its performance. We'll dive into what's needed more at the summit, but until then consider these three steps: Knowing when you're GPO ready, defining the right person for the role and creating a road map to success.

5 Ways to Leverage RPA

Historically, RPA has experienced somewhat of a mixed reception by employees who fear of being replaced and senior leadership who often dismiss it as relevant only to organizations that deal with high transactional volumes and big budgets. Despite these views, the demand for RPA tools is growing quickly and is applicable and available for everyone. Here are five considerations for harnessing the benefits of RPA regardless if you’re leading a team of two or two hundred.

Shared Services Landscape on the U.S. West Coast in 2017

This interactive report maps out the 479 Captive/Hybrid SSCs across the U.S. West Coast. Play with the data to answer core questions such as:

Where are the SSCs hotspots in the West Coast?

What functions are most popular & what are the emerging functions?

What industries are performing domain specific functions?

What industries & company size are locating their SSCs in the West Coast?

Where in the West Coast is there most demand for shared services talent?

Benchmarking Analysis of West Coast U.S. SSCs

Findings from a live audience polling conducted during North American SSO Week in March 2017.


BNY Mellon’s Innovative & Cutting-Edge RPA Approach

Jon Theuerkauf is the Managing Director, Head of Performance Excellence, Robotic Process Automation & COE Program Head at BNY Mellon. In our chat with Jon, he discussed:

  • The approach he has taken at BNY Mellon with RPA and the results this has produced
  • Steps in developing a fast & furious (yet sound and discreet) PoC program to easily upload in a reasonable timeframe and with a limited budget
  • Advice for organizations looking to implement intelligent automation for the first time
  • And where he sees the future of intelligent automation headed in the next 2 - 5 years

Dep.of VA Multifunctional SSO

We sat down with Thomas Muir, Executive Director, Support Services, MyVA Program Office. He took us through how implementing a multifunctional shared services organization focused on customer service at the VA was so successful, best practices to consider along the SSO journey, challenges that were come across in past year during this transformation, and how they were mitigated, metrics he is most proud of and what they were prior. As well as where he sees the future of SSO headed in the next 5-10 years

Steps in Choosing an IA Business Model with Warner Bros. Entertainment

We sat down with Jason Barkham, Vice President of Business Transformation Solutions at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In our chat with Jason, he discussed:

  • Ways an organization can determine opportunities and leverage them to achieve process optimization
  • Examples of how an organization would choose an intelligent automation tool and business model
  • Intelligent automation models Warner Bros. Entertainment currently uses
  • The future of intelligent automation within the next 2 - 5 years

What Can GBS Do For Your Enterprise

The concept of Global Business Services has been around since the turn of the Millennium, and global brands like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and Coca-Cola have already pioneered its development as the natural next step in their Shared Services journeys.

How NASA is Making the Most of Intelligent Automation

Jim Walker is the Services Portfolio Manager at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Shared Service Center (NSSC).discusses:

  • Innovative technology solutions implemented into NASA and the hurdles that were encountered
  • Examples of the successes NASA has had with implementation of intelligent automation
  • How the NSSC is preparing to offer bots as a service via its Housing and Utilizations of Bots team
  • And, where the future of intelligent automation is headed in the next 2-5 years

Keys to Launching a New SSO

Vice President and Assistant Corporate Controller at Parker-Hannifin, Tony Sayer, disscusses the key steps of building a solid business case to jumpstart an SSO journey, and what you can do to assure you are getting the most out of each step, best practices to consider along an SSO journey, challenges that you may come across when launching a new SSO, and much more.

Speaker Snapshot: Paul Finke, Senior Director at the Gap Inc.

We at SSON spoke with SSOW Autumn Speaker Paul Finke, Senior Director of Payables & Revenue Accounting at the Gap Inc. about best practices and lessons learned for effectively managing shared services talent. Get a sneak peak on how shared services leaders at The Gap effectively manage a cross-generational workforce, recruits top-notch talent and develops future SSO leaders.

Tips to Survive Finance Integration

Bryce Tawney has held shared services leadership roles for oilfield services giant Halliburton for the past seven years. He recently stepped into an M&A finance integration lead role where his recent focus has been to quickly learn best practices and keys to successful integrations. From a multitude of resources he has quickly learned to manage the steep learning curve.

Intelligent Automation Insights Package

This exclusive material contains interviews with 3 experts on IA. Jon Theuerkauf is the Managing Director, Head of Performance Excellence, Robotic Process Automation & COE Program Head at BNY Mellon. Jason Barkham, Vice President of Business Transformation Solutions at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Jim Walker, Services Portfolio Manager at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Shared Service Center (NSSC).


SSON's State of the Industry Report

The annual report from SSON is the most anticipated article in the shared services industry each year, addressing the current industry landscape, the future of shared services, and everything in between. The report survey's the largest pool of shared services executives from around the globe to gain real insights and provides the most valuable analysis of the industry.

Indirect Procurement Market Report

Download your free copy to find out how effective current supplier engagement practices are; how catalog management could be optimized; where Procurement practices are proving most successful; and future improvement plans. And more!

Five influential service drivers

This is the Shared Services Creed: I believe our current Shared Services strategy will deliver a dramatic and recognized value to the organization beyond cost savings. This belief system separates the more advanced models from the traditional ones. Nearly 3/4 of respondents to SSON's 2016 State of the Industry survey agree with this statement.


Intercompany Accounting: Cleaning It Up and Keeping It Clean

With tax authorities globally now applying new pressure through increased regulation and more stringent audits impacting intercompany transactions, penalties can be steep, swift and severe. Mastercard's Rebecca Howard has written a whitepaper specifically for SSON's members, to point a spotlight at this problem.