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September 24 - 27, 2018 | San Jose

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Accounting | Finance | Professionals | World Finance Network

World Finance Network (WFN) is a fast-growing and vibrant worldwide community of accounting and financial professionals. The WFN community is a forum for sharing knowledge,discussions, networking, business associations, seeking career advice & exploring job opportunities , comments, and information resources for accounting and financial professionals.  Read More

Arizona: Accounting & Finance Personnel Network

Networking can be a valuable activity when you are looking for a job, to further your career or simply exchange industry information with your fellow professionals. Accounting and Finance Personnel Networking Group is for job seekers that work in accounting and finance positions and for employers who hire them. Read More

Automated Invoice Processing

This is a group for all professionals involved in automating the process of incoming invoices. It's aim is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience. Read More

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

This group is meant as a networking community for finding Banking, Financial Services & Insurance information, discussing ideas, and sharing BFSI best practices. Read More

Benefits & Compensation

Get the latest scoop on the foundations of compensation, benefits, rewards and incentives. Gain additional knowledge through networking and leveraging our thought leader’s expertise. Read More

Big Data Business Insights LinkedIn Group

Every company is at a different stage of the adoption path and business leaders are continuously demanding the necessary knowledge to move beyond the hype and leverage Big Data and Data Analytics to create real business value. This group allows for professionals from all industries to discuss Data Mining and... Read More

California Contact Centers
Website: California Contact Centers

California Contact Centers brings together contact center professionals either based in or doing business in CA. We come together in this group to learn what's new in customer service/customer care, share compliance news, share best practices and to network. Read More

Central California Coast Business Network
Website: Central California Coast Business Network

Located halfway between LA and SF, career and networking boards offer few networking and career avenues for talented professionals on the California Central Coast. With virtual employment growing, and support services in demand for our local industries, we can attract the "best of the best" from our LOCAL talent here... Read More

CIO & CTO Society

This group is a place for CIO's and CTO's to connect and share strategies to stay ahead of the technology curve and how to manage the growing technology demands of growing organizations. Read More

CLO - Chief Learning Officer Forum

The goal of this networking group is to share knowledge about best practices of innovations in learning solutions professional practice. It will also be an avenue to exchange ideas for professional growth. Read More

Colorado Springs HR Professionals

This group is for human resources professionals and those seeking to become a human resources professional. Supporting agency employees/recruiters also welcome to join. Read More

Financial Analyst Club Worldwide

Financial Analyst Club Worldwide is a LinkedIn group worldwide leader with more than 140.000 professional analyst participants, dedicated to expand financial analytical culture and sharing financial and economics information and papers. Read More

GBS, GPO & BPO Best Practices

This is an open group for all shared services professionals, including titles such as GPO, GBS, BPO and alike! Read More

HR Jobs and Ideas

Human Resources, talent management, hiring tech, networking group  Read More

HR Metrics LinkedIn Group

Network and discuss with your peers the most effective tools and strategies for demonstrating return on investment (ROI) on your HR initiatives including cost per hire, turnover rates/costs, training and human capital ROI, labor /productivity rates and costs, benefit costs per employee, surveys, Diversity Ratios and more. Everyday we hear... Read More

HR Opportunities

Human Resource Job, Talent Management and Recruiter Jobs. If you are looking for a job in HR, or open for HR oppertunities to grow your career, let other members know by joining this group. Read More

HR Professionals LinkedIn Group
Website: Read More

HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Networking Group

HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit gathers twice a year (Chicago in May, Orlando in October) for HR & shared services executives to exchange ideas, develop partnerships and discuss the latest tools, technologies & strategies being used to enhance efficiencies and propel corporate growth. Read More

HR Technology Network LinkedIn Group

The HR Technology Network is a professional group comprised of Human Resources, Recruiting and Technology experts. The purpose of the group is to allow it's members to learn and share advice with all topics related to technology in the Human Resources and Recruiting industries. Read More

Human Resource Management Communities

This group is for sharing interesting Human Resource related Blogs, including: Talent Strategy and Management including Career, Workplace Culture and Leadership Development, Recruitment and Staffing, Training, Compliance, Policy, Performance, Payroll and Conflict Resolution. Read More

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Network LinkedIn Group

Human Resources Information System LinkedIn Network was created in April 2010 and and reached up to 5750+ members. This group concerns about HR information systems and HR Management Systems. This is the place where HRIS and HRMS gurus meet, mingle and network. System Administrators, Super Users and End Users, of... Read More

Human Resources IQ

Hágase socio de Recursos Humanos IQ y obtenga acceso gratuito a los recursos que le mantendrá a la vanguardia de los cambios de la industria. Usted recibirá el acceso a nuestra biblioteca de presentaciones multimedia de líderes de la industria, boletínes electrónicos y noticias de más de 1.000 fuentes de... Read More

IT Financial Management Professionals

This group will bring together professionals involved with IT Financial Management. Members will have the ability to network and benchmark their processes with others that have similar ideas and interests. Read More

IT San Diego

IT San Diego is simply a networking group specialized to remain local where IT professionals can interact with one another. Many users will find this useful when actively or passively seeking a new position and looking for employee of a certain company's opinion. A great place for IT employees and... Read More

Leadership Think Tank

Leadership ThinkTank is a Community committed to collaborate for the improvement of leadership concepts and practices. Our world has entered a new era of relationship between leaders and followers, which very clearly, calls for new leaders and a new brand of Leadership in Business and Industry. Read More

Lean Six Sigma

We are Lean Six Sigma Professionals, Practitioners, & students of Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, TQPI, Business Process Management, business analyst, BPM, Kaizen, TPS, Project Management, Change Management, Strategy, Supply Chain, Innovation, Quality Control, ISO, SCOR, TRIZ, Theory of Constraints, ToC, ITIL, CMMI, Malcolm Baldrige, TQM, Total... Read More

Organization Development, Learning and Training LinkedIn Group

Organization Development, Learning and Training is a networking LinkedIn group for HR professionals. The group facilitates discussions to help HR professionals further develop their respective departments. Read More

Organizational Skills, Time Management & Project Management (OSTPM)
Website: Organizational Skills, Time Management & Project Management

How to Accomplish What is Most Important to You in Your LifeTime -- This is a group for Professionals to share their tips, ideas, insights and tools to stay focused, increase product management skills, maintain sanity, handle their schedules, develop prioritization skills, be proactive, and focus on stress-free work and... Read More

Premium Partners

Premium Partners is a leading global marketing & indirect spend solution provider offering a range of tools to facilitate the procurement of marketing material. With our online web-tools for marketing and print material fulfillment, business procurement outsourcing, compliancy reporting, benchmark/saving reporting and customized workflows, we offer the most innovative solutions... Read More

Proposal, Capture and Business Development Professionals
Website: Proposal, Capture and Business Development Professionals

In this group you are free to discuss the Business Development/Proposal Writing Process. Let's limit the job opportunities, get rich quick schemes and other time zappers. I am hoping we can focus on creating a better business development environment. Read More

Quantum Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

The Age of Quantum Computing - Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Deep & Machine Learning, Algorithms, Virtual Assistants, Chatbots & Cryptography security issues. Read More

Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation" is a group headed by Abhishek Kishore Gupta, Partner, KPMG in India, for RPA experts and enthusiasts to exchange views and learn from leading practices. This group aims be a common platform for Product vendors, Service providers and end users to share experiences.  Read More

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Intelligent Automation (IA)

This group is for practitioners of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) to connect, discuss, and share knowledge in the field. Read More

RPA in Shared Services

This group is a networking community for Shared Services executives to share necessary information, ideas, experiences, and case studies on implementing Robotic Process Automation and its significant value. Read More

San Antonio Women in Technology

The San Antonio Women in Information Technology is a group of IT professionals (women and men) that exists to encourage women of all ages to seek a career in IT and to provide support and networking through their education, career, and beyond. Goalso Educate women on the resources and tools available... Read More

Shared Services & BPO Network LinkedIn Group

The Shared Services & BPO Network was established nearly ten years ago and has its origins as a Linked In group comprising former executives of American Express who worked on pioneering shared services strategies in the nineties. Tim Morris-Smith who also worked with Amex as well as Honeywell, TNT and... Read More

Six Sigma and Business Transformation

Group for Six Sigma & Business Transformation Professionals. A platform to share your experience and knowledge in this area. Read More

Social Networking for Human Resources

This group is for anyone interested in Social Networking or Social Media (sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc) related to Human Resources, including Talent Management, Recruiting and more. Read More

The Outsourcing Magazine

The Outsourcing magazine is published by Wordlabs Global once in every two months for the niche needs of decision makers in the global services industry. It focuses on bringing quality content to its audience through a global network of highly experienced writers. Most of the participants and advertisers and participants... Read More

The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)

The Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) is an online source for global business services executives and business leaders who leverage technology and best practices to improve operational efficiency. SSON delivers the latest industry news, thought leadership, and analysis through written articles, online events, webinars, white papers and in-depth market... Read More

World BPM Magazine

Seeks to provide relevant and quality contents, the desire to ever become a useful resource for the public interested in Business Process Management Read More